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Addo-Piper, YvonneResidential and Placement Licensor508-461-1445 DD 21445Worcester
Carvalho, JessicaFamily Child Care Licensor (Bilingual Portuguese)508-461-1447 - DD 21447Worcester
Chandler, LoreleiFamily Child Care Licensor (Bilingual Spanish)508-461-1452 - DD 21452Worcester
Cosgrove, AnnGroup and School Age Licensing Supervisor508-461-1458 - DD 21458Worcester
Deslauriers, ErinFamily Child Care Licensor508-461-1449 DD 21449Worcester
Faulkner, DennisFamily Child Care Licensing Supervisor508-461-1444 - DD 21444Worcester
Fulmer, JoyceGroup and School Age Licensor508-461-1454 - DD 21454Worcester
Ginnetti, MichaelInvestigator508-461-1462 - DD 21462Worcester
Joppas, DonnaExecutive Assistant508-461-1443 - DD 21443Worcester
Kraner, GretchenGroup and School Age Licensor508-461-1457 - DD 21457Worcester
Lazu, FernandoInvestigator (Bilingual Spanish)508-461-1461 - DD 21461Worcester
Lessard, KarenGroup and School Age Licensor508-461-1453 - DD 21453Worcester
Litt, EricProgram Quality Specialist508-461-1460 - DD 21460Worcester
Marichal, MadelynFamily Child Care Licensor (Bilingual Spanish)508-461-1470 - DD 21470Worcester
McCullough, NoelleGroup and School Age Licensor508-461-1456 - DD 21456Worcester
Philpot, LynneLead Technology Business Specialist508-461-1442 - DD 21442Worcester
Polcari, MarieResidential and Placement Licensor508-461-1451 - DD 21451Worcester
Rosado-Ledoux, MarisolRegional Director508-461-1459 - DD 21459Worcester
Smiley, TammieGroup and School Age Licensor508-461-1455 - DD 21455Worcester
Welch, DeborahFamily Child Care Licensor508-461-1448 - DD 21448Worcester
Whitehead-Pleaux, AmyDirector of Program Quality Improvement508-461-1446 - DD 21446Worcester