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Amaral, SoniaOffice Support Specialist508-967-3419 - DD 43419Taunton
Blackburn, ClaireExecutive Assistant508-967-3401 - DD 43401Taunton
Cavanagh, DeborahGroup and School Age Licensor508-967-3417 - DD 43417Taunton
Cohen, JoyProgram Quality Specialist508-967-3413 - DD 43413.Taunton
Collyer, ReneeGroup and School Age Licensing Supervisor508-967-3402 - DD 43402Taunton
Desrosiers, ReneeGroup and School Age Licensor508-967-3424 - DD 43424Taunton
Desrosiers, AmandaGroup and School Age Licensor508-967-3426 - DD 43426Taunton
Finer, SherriFamily Child Care Licensor508-967-3404 - DD 43404Taunton
Fry, MaryaGroup and School Age Licensor508-967-3410 - DD 43410Taunton
McCarthy, MaryGroup and School Age Licensor508-967-3415 - DD 43415Taunton
Medeiros, TraceyResidential and Placement Licensor508-967-3422 - DD 43422Taunton
Medina, JulissaFamily Child Care Licensor (Bilingual Spanish)508-967-3408 - DD 43408Taunton
Meighan, JenniferFamily Child Care Licensor508-967-3425 - DD 43425Taunton
Mendes, CelinaFamily Child Care Licensor (Bilingual Portuguese)508-967-3406 - DD 43406Taunton
Nolan, JamesInvestigator508-967-3411 - DD 43411Taunton
Ortega, MiguelResidential and Placement Licensor (Bilingual Spanish)508-967-3409 - DD 43409Taunton
Perry, KathyResidential and Placement Licensor508-967-3412 - DD 43412Taunton
Phillips, DianaRegional Director508-967-3403 - DD 43403Taunton
Piligian, KelliFamily Child Care Licensing Supervisor508-967-3405 - DD 43405Taunton
Reilly, MelissaFamily Child Care Licensor508-967-3421 - DD 43421Taunton
Santone, ChristineInvestigator508-967-3416 - DD 43416Taunton
Tripp, JerryInvestigator 508-967-3423 - DD 43423Taunton