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EEC Staff Directory

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Adams, KaraResidential and Placement Licensor617-979-8638Quincy
Brown, VersharaChild Care Licensing Specialist I617-979-8607Quincy
Carranza, EileenFamily Child Care Licensing Specialist I617-979-8639Quincy
Castro, AnnemarieGroup and School Age Licensing Specialist617-979-8606Quincy
Daley, JosianFunded Program Monitor617-979-8624Quincy
DePass, AlessandraFamily Child Care Licensor617-979-8641Quincy
Gillis, MichaelWebmaster/SharePoint Administrator617-979-8347Quincy
Halpin, PatriciaFamily Child Care Licensing Supervisor617-979-8611Quincy
Hawes, SarahGroup and School Age Supervisor617-979-8603Quincy
Lewis-Roosa, Daryl-AnnGroup and School Age Licensor617-979-8632Quincy
Lim, Chew LeeEducational Specialist B617-979-8643Quincy
Litz, DonnaGroup and School Age Licensor617-979-8602Quincy
Lopes-Dixon, DeadraGroup and School Age Licensing Specialist617-979-8622Quincy
McLellan, CherylGroup and School Age Licensor617-979-8601Quincy
Medley, AntoinetteFamily Child Care Licensor617-979-8610Quincy
Meehan, KellyRegional Director617-979-8605Quincy
Morales, MariaOffice Support Specialist I617-979-8604Quincy
Murphy McCall, KerryResidential and Placement Licensor617-979-8638Quincy
O'Brien, LoriGroup and School Age Licensor617-979-8628Quincy
Peevy, AngelaInvestigations Supervisor617-979-8637Quincy
Prendeville, LorettaFamily and Community Quality Specialist617-979-8621Quincy
Rogan, EileenExecutive Assistant617-979-8623Quincy
Sanches, JandiraInvestigator617-979-8644Quincy
Techiera, BethInvestigator617-979-8612Quincy
Zhang, QiFamily Child Care Licensor (Bilingual Mandarin and Cantonese)617-979-8625Quincy