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Brienza, ClaudiaOffice Support Specialist I978-826-1317 - DD 21317Lawrence
Brown, KarenFamily Child Care Supervisor978-826-1331 - DD 21331Lawrence
Buckley, KellyResidential and Placement Supervisor978-826-1318 - DD 21318Lawrence
Canty, KatelynInvestigator978-826-1303 - DD 21303Lawrence
Colon Disla, YesseniaFamily Child Care Licensor978-826-1328 - DD 21328Lawrence
Conners, AnneAssociate Commissioner for Field Investigations978-826-1302 - DD 21302Lawrence
Curran, MichaelR&P licensor and Adoption Specialist978-826-1305 - DD 21305Lawrence
Del Valle, LuzFamily Child Care Licensor978-826-1312 - DD 21312Lawrence
Dillon, BethGroup & School Aged Supervisor978-826-1304 - DD 21304Lawrence
Dominguez, JodyProgram Quality Specialist978-826-1336 - DD 21336Lawrence
Donohue, TimGroup & School Age Licensor978-826-1324 - DD 21324Lawrence
Gale, KarenGroup & School Aged Licensor978-826-1307 - DD 21307Lawrence
Holland, MichelleGroup & School Aged Licensor978-826-1308 - DD 21308Lawrence
Hoyt, DanielGroup & School Age Licensor978-826-1337 - DD 21337Lawrence
Kimerac, MonidaraFamily Child Care Licensor978-826-1313 - DD 21313Lawrence
Londono, LuciaBilingual Family Child Care Licensor978-826-1306 - DD 21306Lawrence
Marks, CherylFamily/Community Quality Specialist978-826-1326 - DD 21326Lawrence
Martinez, MariaRegional Director978-826-1333 - DD 21333Lawrence
Mucci, RickResidential and Placement Licensor978-826-1322 - DD 21322Lawrence
Ortega, IvetteAdministrative Assistant978-826-1310 - DD 21310Lawrence
Polonia, CelesteBi-lingual Family Child Care Licensor978-826-1325 - DD 21325Lawrence
Rodgers, NicoleGroup & School Aged Licensor978-826-1316Lawrence
Smith, TimInvestigator978-826-1309 DD 21309Lawrence
Tosato, MaristelaFamily Child Care Licensor978-826-1320 - DD 21320Lawrence