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FY 2018 Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Grant (Fund Code 700)


In order to apply for the FY 2018¬†Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Grant, please read the Grant Application posted on EEC Website:

Grant applicants do not need to complete the entire online application at one time. Applicants may complete a portion of the online application and finish entering their information at a later date/time until the close of the grant application. Please save often as the system will time you out after 20 minutes. Applicants will also be able to print information entered into this system for their own records as a PDF. This PDF must be submitted as a hard copy as part of the grant application.

Throughout the Grant Application process, Grant Applicants are responsible for visiting COMMBUYS (See COMMBUYS Registration Instructions link below) and the EEC Website at to obtain updates and information about this Grant Application.

For assistance with the FY 2018 Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation online application, please contact

Please see Appendix C in the grant application for Online Application Instructions.

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